Business Development & Marketing Services

We can evaluate issues and goals, and develop and implement comprehensive solutions to ensure overall success. Some of our areas of expertise include:

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Strategic Planning

A well-crafted strategic plan is a blueprint for action and an essential tool for achieving sustainable growth, making changes to your organization's culture or vision, gaining market share, or expanding into a new business space. Our experts work with you every step of the way, not only to develop the plan, but to operationalize the plan and engage team members at all levels.  At the end of the process, your organization will have a road map to eliminate obstacles to growth, solve problems, increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, and support the company in achieving next level performance. 


Organizational & Leadership Development

Engaging in regular management and leadership development will directly improve productivity, profitability, and workforce satisfaction and stability. We use tools such as, MBTI, Hogan Assessment, and Center for Creative Leadership methodologies, to conduct in-depth leadership assessments to pinpoint leadership strengths and areas of improvement. We then provide one-on-one debriefs and training to help leaders incorporate essential skills to positively impact a team’s commitment and performance. 


We also provide group or team evaluations that include training and actionable changes to improve group dynamics, interpersonal interactions, and team culture. Whether you are working in the boardroom or backroom, we have the experience to help you improve personal dynamics, leadership, effectiveness, and assist your company develop a winning culture.

Business Development & Planning

Whether you are thinking of starting a new business, expanding into a new market, or want to achieve specific company benchmarks, you need a systematic plan to help you reach your goals. Our team will help you conduct the appropriate research, critically review the market, create a tailored plan, and guide your and your team as you incorporate the plan into every aspect of your business. Once your business plan is complete, we will work with you to build a business development strategy that supports sustained growth and creates long-term value.   


Marketing & Strategic Communications

Whether you need to build your strategy from the ground up or inject new life into your current plan, we offer a full range of marketing and communications services. We can bring clarity to your communication by working with you to create customized communication and social media plans, key messages, branded marketing materials, and content for your website and marketing products. We not only provide initial plans and strategies, but our experts provide analytics and evaluation strategies to ensure all tactics are effective and goals are being reached. Additionally, our team has graphic designers to ensure your marketing products are polished and targeted to your client base.   



We simplify the hiring process by identifying, screening, interviewing, and presenting the very best candidates for consideration. We will work with you to pinpoint key skills and attributes of the position and use advanced hiring tools to streamline the screening and recruiting cycle. This process allows our clients to remain focused on business objectives while we work to identify and vet qualified candidates for review and hire. We specialize in locating niche candidates for hard to fill roles and focus on our client’s needs to ensure we identify highly skilled employees that fit in the company culture and place candidates in a position where they will stay and grow.


Restructure & Reorganize

If your business needs to restructure, either by eliminating a product line or an entire division, or you need to reorganize, by moving personnel or modifying functions, we will work with you to determine the best way to accomplish the change and improve your performance. Our experts will develop a three-tiered plan that includes developing recommendations for organizational change, creating employee buy-in, and working with you and your team on implementation, execution, and monitoring. This approach will breathe new life into your business so it is poised for success, has a high performing team, and refines internal and external messaging, allowing for a smooth transition to the new structure and goals.