Government & Military Analysis Services

Our experts can provide insight and decode language and requirements to facilitate success in new markets. Some of our areas of expertise include:


Proposal Management

Our experts employ state-of-the-industry processes such as, Shipley and Association of Proposal Management Professionals methodologies, to ensure your company is proactive in vetting and preparing for potential opportunities and that you are responding to those opportunities in the most efficient and effective way possible.  We can support your team through all stages of the proposal process including: 


  • Capture and pipeline build

  • Tools and template development

  • Colored team reviews 

  • Bid/no-bid decisions 

  • Proposal development

  • Compliance reviews

Proposal Writing

Our team of consultants will work with you to craft a clear, coherent, and compliant proposal, even under short deadlines. If your team needs technical expertise, we can work alongside your team, or independently, to write the scientific sections, provide oversight and review for compliance and completeness, or edit in preparation for submission.  


Program Management

Our expert program managers can plan and organize a myriad of tasks and keep a diverse group of professionals on track, taming the chaos that often accompanies multifaceted projects. We will work to understand your project from the ground up and ensure the final products are directly in line with your expectations and established targets.


Marketing & Strategic Communications

Whether you need to build your strategy from the ground up or inject new life into your current plan, we offer a full range of marketing and communications services. We can bring clarity to your communication by working with you to create customized communication and social media plans, key messages, branded marketing materials, and content for your website and marketing products. We not only provide initial plans and strategies, but our experts provide analytics and evaluation strategies to ensure all tactics are effective and goals are being reached. Additionally, our team has graphic designers to ensure your marketing products are polished and targeted to your client base.   



We simplify the hiring process by identifying, screening, interviewing, and presenting the very best candidates for consideration. We will work with you to pinpoint key skills and attributes of the position and use advanced hiring tools to streamline the screening and recruiting cycle. This process allows our clients to remain focused on business objectives while we work to identify and vet qualified candidates for review and hire. We specialize in locating niche candidates for hard to fill roles and focus on our client’s needs to ensure we identify highly skilled employees that fit in the company culture and place candidates in a position where they will stay and grow.


Military & Government Insight

Our experts can provide unique insights into the government and military and assist with preparing proposals, white papers, government technical reports, point papers, and how to interpret government directives and requests for proposals. Let our team help you decode government language and requirements and ensure you have the right approach to achieve your goals.


Government Contracts

Whether you currently have government contracts or are looking to submit your first proposal, we can help you write and submit a compliant and competitive proposal. Our team can provide a full range of services from supplying insight into the process, to outlining funding mechanisms, to explaining the entire proposal lifecycle. You tell us your need and we will match the expertise.