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Novelle was founded on the idea that operating a highly successful business, in any industry, is not easy but with expert advice and well-crafted solutions, companies can reach their strategic and mission goals.  That is the entire idea behind our company.  Our experts helping your company solve the problems standing between you and success.  Whether you need help launching a startup, writing more impactful proposals to gain business, conducting leadership and team training, reorganizing your company to gain efficiency and profit, managing programs, or writing technical papers, our team is here to help your business develop, grow, and achieve its full potential.  


Our consulting approach is different from most other consulting firms.  Because our experts come from a variety of fields within business, research, DOD, government, and academia, we can ensure the solutions provided to our clients are tailored to meet their specific requirements, challenge, or issue.

For example, in the area of business development, we don’t simply provide our clients with a canned business analysis or off-the-shelve strategic plan.  Our experts work directly with leadership to evaluate issues and goals, we then develop comprehensive solutions to resolve the issues and put the company on a path to meet the goals, and finally we train and assist with plan implementation and conduct metrics-driven analyses to guide changes through the process to ensure overall success.

For companies in need of on-site expertise or niche skill sets, our consultants can integrate with your team to provide technical expertise, deliver tools to enhance your team’s performance, or directly assist with operationalizing solutions or assisting with the completion of projects and deliverables. With our broad range of expertise and years of experience, we can assist you to define, establish, and meet your company’s mission, vision, and business goals.  Whether your company works in medical research or government contracting, or you own a corner coffee shop, our experts can help your business thrive. 


Novelle leverages cutting-edge analytic tools, process improvement strategies, and depth of experience to develop solutions to the many challenges businesses face today.


We work with you and your team to review current objectives, understand processes, identify challenges, and assess your goals.


Our in-depth review guides the development of a detailed solution for success that encompasses every aspect of your company, from processes and goals to human capital and restructuring. Our solution includes implementation strategies for personnel at all levels and ensures alignment with goals and desired outcomes.


Our team of experts assists you in implementing the solution. We walk your executives and team leads through the process and discuss how to create internal buy-in from employees.


Novelle is a registered WOSB, VOSB, and SDVOSB.


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