Novelle leverages cutting-edge analytic tools, process improvement strategies, and depth of experience to develop solutions to the many challenges businesses face today.


We work with you and your team to review current objectives, understand processes, identify challenges, and assess your goals.


Our in-depth review guides the development of a detailed solution for success that encompasses every aspect of your company, from processes and goals to human capital and restructuring. Our solution includes implementation strategies for personnel at all levels and ensures alignment with goals and desired outcomes.


Our team of experts assists you in implementing the solution. We walk your executives and team leads through the process and discuss how to create internal buy-in from employees.


After implementation, we evaluate the solution by conducting detailed outcomes analyses of pre-established targets, market goals, and other customer-determined objectives.


Our report refines the solutions and guides adjustment to the one-, three-, and five-year plans as well as the immediate and longer-term targets.


Our experience ranges from military operations, to the research lab, to the boardroom.  This broad experience allows us to support your team in a wide variety of settings from supporting the development of research methodologies, writing a proposal, or working with executives to develop a strategic plan.

If you are looking to craft a high performing team, increase market share and your bottom line, expand into new markets, launch a product, restructure your company, or reorganize an under-performing division, we can help make it a reality. Check out how Novelle can support you in the fields of Business, Government & DoD, and Research.


Today’s demanding market makes it more critical than ever for you to develop a strategic plan that anticipates your customers’ wants and needs to keep you ahead of competitors. Whether you are looking to expand into a new market, or grow in your current market, our team’s real-world experience will provide cutting-edge information, detailed reports and plans, and support to ensure you make the right strategic decisions, on-time to reach your benchmarks and goals. The current economy demands that businesses stay lean, focused, and use every advantage to remain profitable and relevant. Novelle’s market insight and customized strategies for developing your business is the key to answering those demands.





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