Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you supply the requested services?

Novelle will review your request for research services, work with you to ensure all your requirements are captured in the project details, and then quickly provide a cost proposal for all requested services. Novelle will begin the work as soon as the requester approves the proposal.

Is your company registered in SAM to apply for government contracts and funding?

Yes, Novelle is registered in SAM with WOSB, VOSB, SDVOSB certifications.

Do you own any research facilities or have access to facilities?

No, Novelle does not own any research facilities. Novelle does have the ability to create teaming agreements to facilitate specialized work that may require in-lab research.

What scientific research disciplines does your support cover?

Novelle expertise covers a number of scientific disciplines; human physiology, immunology, toxicology, microbiology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, and organizational psychology.

Do you collaborate with other companies or academic institutions to provide services or capabilities?

Novelle does collaborate with other companies and academic institutions to provide niche types of requests for services. Each request is thoroughly evaluated, and all appropriate resources are applied to ensure the best product is provided for your project.

Do you provide staffing services?

Novelle’s primary objective is to supply expertise to complete specific taskings, but if you need support in filling a full time position we are able to help.

Do you accept contracts for small, task-specific work?

Yes, Novelle is committed to helping you execute your project no matter how small the task.

Can you fully support conference presentations?

Yes, Novelle can support all aspects of conference presentations from initial abstract submission for acceptance, to creating content, graphics, PowerPoint slides, notes for the full presentation, to submission to the conference for approval, to support during the conference itself.

Do you provide technical experts to attend meetings or other technical gatherings?

Yes, Novelle will supply technical experts to attend meetings, workshops, or other types of scientific meetings to respond to questions, give recommendations, or supply after action reports and response papers or assist you with other requirements.

Will your scientific writers accommodate required writing styles to meet submission guidelines?

Yes, Novelle will research all requirements for the journal or technical field and ensure that the style meets all requirements.

Do you have technical editors who can review, edit, and format in compliance with journal requirements?

Yes, Novelle will ensure your manuscript, technical report, or other scientific document is ready for submission and fully compliant with the journal or other institution requirements.

Can you provide graphics, illustrations, and other graphic arts support?

Yes, Novelle can supply graphics, illustrations, and other graphic support for your project. The Novelle team has professional graphic artists to create original images or graphics and statisticians who can create graphs, charts, and other data representations.

What are Novelle's NAICS codes?

NAICS codes are 541610, 541611, 541614, 541714, 541720, and 541910.

What is the cost of working with Novelle?

Our pricing varies based on your needs and time line. Please reach out to us to schedule a free consultation to discuss pricing options.

Do you conduct Strategic Planning meetings at a company’s facilties or at an off-site location?

We can provide Strategic Planning services in either venue, at the requesting company or at an off-site location. We typically recommend an off-site location to remove day-day distractions from the process.

Do you assist single-owner businesses struggling to get off the ground?

Yes, we love to help ultra-small businesses define who they are and gain a larger presence in the market.

Can you help my small business with marketing content and gaining customers?

Yes, we have content and marketing specialists that can help small businesses improve awareness and attract target customers to their website or store front.