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Your needs.
Our consultants. 
Solutions delivered.

We combine professional experience and a personalized approach to create your roadmap to business success.

Novelle is a boutique consulting firm focused on working with you to design and implement tailored business solutions. Our experienced team leverages a unique blend of expertise to engage with you to assess your strengths, identify your goals, and understand your challenges. We then work with you to create a comprehensive solution, support implementation, and provide long-term, measurable results.

Through the global pandemic and countless obstacles, we helped our clients reach their business development goals, establishing new divisions, entering new markets, and submitting competitive proposals.

In 2021, our team supported our clients in submitting 14 compelling proposals with a 35% win rate.

We prepared proposals in response to Army, Navy, NIH, and DHA opportunities totaling over $350M.

We provided business development, proposal management, strategic analysis, and technical and scientific writing.


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Business Development & Marketing Services

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Steps to Establishing Your Small Business

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