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STEM Virtual Learning Resources

Providing students with authentic learning experiences is increasingly difficult with travel and health restrictions due to COVID-19. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite STEM resources including STEM learning videos and activities, virtual laboratories, and STEM experiment subscription boxes.

NASA – NASA has STEM resources for grades K-12, including exhibits, lectures, activities, and games. NASA also has “STEMonstration” videos where they demonstrate principles from space including Newton’s Laws of Motion, Surface Tension, and Engineering Design.

Pacific Science Center – Pacific Science Center offers a program for early-childhood through 8th grade called Curiosity at Home. The program includes live science shows, tutorials, and hands-on STEM activities and resources.

Learn Genetics – Developed by the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah, the Learn Genetics site includes videos, resources, and virtual labs on topics including genetics, cell biology, evolution, and neuroscience.

BioInteractive – BioInteractive provides biology and environmental systems resources for high school and college-age students. Some of their resources include virtual labs, interactive videos, and simulations.

The ChemCollective – The ChemCollective was developed by faculty from Carnegie Mellon to provide high school students with access to virtual chemistry experiments and learning tools.

NOVA Labs – The NOVA Labs provide high school students with interactive activities to explore topics ranging from RNA to climate to cybersecurity.

PhET Interactive Simulator – Created at the University of Colorado Boulder, this interactive simulator is geared for ages elementary school through college and includes lessons in Physics, Chemistry, Math, Earth Science, Biology.

Virtual Labs – Virtual labs teach students basic lab techniques and processes.

Code – Code provides learning resources and activities to learn how to code starting at age 4 through adulthood.

Blockly – Blockly uses an educational gaming platform to teach coding.

OmniCalculator – OmniCalculator is a massive compilation of every calculator you could imagine including chemistry, financial, ecology, health, and physics.

Monthly Subscription STEM Kits

MEL Science Kit – Chemistry experiments


Ages 10 and up

Kiwi Co Crate – Experiments and activities include chemistry, electronics, and engineering


Ages 3-16

Spangler Science Club – STEM science experiments


Ages 5-12

Creation Crate – Electronics Projects


Ages 12 and up

STEM Discovery Box – STEM activities


Ages 7 and up


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