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Why You Should Add Research Consultants to Your Project

The world of science and technology is advancing at an astonishing pace.  Technology and drug innovation and refinement that used to take years is now occurring in quick succession. For example, developments in artificial intelligence, computer processing, big data computing, and pharmaceutical discoveries for diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, and dementia were merely goals or science fiction to be attained some day in the future. Today, these types of vital advances are being developed more quickly and efficiently than ever, creating a new standard in today’s technology marketplace. With the bar set so high, there is mounting pressure on companies, organizations, and research scientists to deliver a bigger, better healthcare or scientific solution in less time and more efficiently, often with the added burden of decreasing overhead expenses and staff. The answer? Use research consultants to bring cutting-edge science and research support to a project to meet the new demands of a shifting research paradigm. 

Here are the top four reasons to add research consultants to your project.  

Improve quality – The use of research consultants gives you access to a team of accomplished scientists and skilled research professionals that would not be feasible to retain on staff full-time.  An expert consultant’s knowledge and experience can be leveraged to enhance the quality of the project and provide you with the best outcome and final product.      

Incorporate the latest research tools, techniques, and knowledge base – Leading experts in a scientific field understand the latest tools, databases, literature, and cutting-edge techniques.  Using research consultants that are top in their field, allows you access to a wider range of capabilities and technical resources, leading to a better overall result. 

Cost-savings – Surveys have shown that teaming with scientific consultants is overall less expensive than staffing an internal research team.  By attaining only the research services you need, as you need them, you can easily scale up and down with the changing research landscape. In addition, consulting can facilitate the use of niche specialists in a highly-specialized project without incurring significant overhead expenses often associated with organizational hires.  

Efficiency – Outsourcing research requirements moves challenging tasks to a skilled team that is focused solely on providing the highest quality product in the time frame needed, while simultaneously allowing your team to focus on other important tasks.  This efficient and effective arrangement produces a best-case scenario, a higher quality product in a shorter time. 


Rita Simmons is the founder and lead consultant of Novelle, where she provides business and research consulting to companies across a variety of industries. Dr. Simmons leverages her drive for innovation and excellence along with her extensive executive and military experience to help business owners grow their business, drive revenue, and achieve strategic goals. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact Dr. Simmons at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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