Proposal & Scientific Support Services

​When you need proven research professionals to join your team or simply assist with a specific portion of your scientific or research-based project, Novelle is here for you. Some of our areas of expertise include:


Proposal Management

Our experts employ state-of-the-industry processes such as, Shipley and Association of Proposal Management Professionals methodologies, to ensure your company is proactive in vetting and preparing for potential opportunities and that you are responding to those opportunities in the most efficient and effective way possible.  We can support your team through all stages of the proposal process including:

  • Capture and pipeline build

  • Tools and template development

  • Colored team reviews

  • Bid/no-bid decisions

  • Proposal development

  • Compliance reviews


Program Management

Our expert program managers can plan and organize a myriad of tasks and keep a diverse group of professionals on track, taming the chaos that often accompanies multifaceted projects. We will work to understand your project from the ground up and ensure the final products are directly in line with your expectations and established targets. 


Proposal Writing

Our team of consultants will work with you to craft a clear, coherent, and compliant proposal, even under short deadlines. If your team needs technical expertise, we can work alongside your team, or independently, to write the scientific sections, provide oversight and review for compliance and completeness, or edit in preparation for submission.  


Publication Management

We excel at proactive development of publication plans, requirements, and submissions.  Our experts work with your team to establish and execute an electronic publication management plan and system. This would include establishing an internal publication development and review process and identifying appropriate journals and conferences to optimize return on investment. We understand the importance of communicating research results to the scientific community and thus our goal is to ensure timely, accurate, and compliant submissions. 


Scientific Proposal Writing

We work with your scientists and their teams to craft proposals that clearly and logically lay out a compelling scientific story. Our scientists can produce a final product from an existing outline or develop the framework and complete the task independently.  Our consultants are able to translate complex technical concepts into clear and succinct proposal content for both technical and non-technical audiences and we deliver graphics, charts, and tables to support proposal content and goals. Whatever your needs, we will deliver a polished product, in line with the current literature and suited to the targeted submission. 


Technical Writing

We provide on-demand tasks such as, editing, outlines, storyboards, or we can use task descriptions and complete a final product for you.  Our writing services to include:

  • Journal articles

  • Abstracts

  • Technical assessments and reports

  • Grants

  • Medical and pharmaceutical documents 

  • Briefing materials


Research Design & Methodology

Great scientific research begins with great scientific methodology. Let our team work with you to set your project up for success. Examples of the research services we provide:

  • Conceptualization of the research question

  • Selection of the best methodology

  • Experimental design

  • Process for data collection

  • Statistical considerations and approaches

  • Preparation of presentation results

  • Outline future research needs


Biomedical Engineering

We can support concept development efforts by helping define user needs and technical requirements, creating and modeling design concepts, supporting design decisions such as materials and components selection, and building functional prototypes for evaluation and testing. We can also support the latter stages of product development, testing, and commercialization within the healthcare industry. Our experts can help plan for and navigate potential pitfalls as novel ideas transition from concept to prototype, and ultimately, into a product.


Statistical Analysis

We will help you optimize your project design from the start, with detailed identification of reliable and valid measures and research design to serve as the basis for correct analysis and reporting.  Once the design is set, we can assist in ensuring clean data collection techniques, archiving and record retrieval, and eventual data analysis. We specialize in the communication of complicated statistical results, and can help you determine the most effective way to present the outcomes of your projects, from simple visual presentation to comprehensive results sections of peer-reviewed publications.