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Scientific Proposal Writing

The proposal is the foundation of any research project. The primary goal of most proposals is to attain funding or resources for your organization. The method by which your ideas are delivered will make the difference between attaining funds now to start the project or starting over when the next opportunity arises. Our team of consultants understand the implications and can work with you to craft a proposal that clearly and coherently lays out the background, purpose, approach, goals, significance, and potential implications in a compelling scientific story.


Our expertise cuts across disciplines, from human physiology, microbiology, and neuroscience to cognitive psychology, organizational development, and behavioral psychology. We can produce a final product from an existing outline or develop the framework and complete the task independently. Novelle has a proven track record of working in a deadline driven environment to help organizations produce compliant proposal responses. Our experts will translate complex technical concepts into clear and concise proposal content for both technical and non-technical audiences and we can deliver graphics, charts, and tables to support creative communication concepts. Whatever your needs, we will deliver a polished product, in line with the current literature and suited to the target audience. Our mantra has always been, “your success is our success”.


Technical Writing

Our team of PhD and masters-level writers can handle your toughest technical writing need. We have experience writing journal articles, abstracts, technical assessments and reports, grants, medical and pharmaceutical documents, briefing materials, and informational marketing materials. We can work with your team and provide on-demand tasks such as, editing, outlines, storyboards, or take these types of task descriptions and work to complete a final product for your team. Whether your task requires niche scientific expertise, statistical analyses and presentation, or great marketing communication about your products, we have the right skills and experience to deliver.


Medical Writing

The complex world of medical research and medical device development requires the completion and filing of a multitude of reports, papers, and documentation, including research protocols and clinical reports. Our medical writers possess the requisite experience to not only develop the necessary reports and protocols, but ensure that every product is accurate, without errors, fully regulatory compliant, and completed efficiently and on time.


We have experience with clinical trials documentation and reporting, biomedical device regulations, technical assessments, and FDA documentation. We understand how critical these documents and reports are to the success of your project and we are committed to working with your team to craft exactly what you need for your product’s stage of development. We are ready to take the stress out of writing protocols and FDA paperwork and assist you get all documentation prepared and accepted on the first submission.


Proposal Management

Novelle can support your team through all stages of the proposal process, from assistance with the capture and pipeline build process, to colored team reviews, determining bid/no-bid, and throughout the proposal development phase to ensure a compliant submission. Our goal is to ensure your company is proactive in vetting and planning for potential opportunities and that you are fully prepared to respond to those opportunities in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Our experts are Shipley-trained with over 25 years of experience helping clients win business in the DoD, other government agencies, and state and local governments. They will implement the Shipley and Association of Proposal Management Professionals methodologies suitable for each proposal’s requirements. Novelle unique approach stems, not only from extensive training, but from broad government and industry experience. From experience comes lessons learned, invaluable insights, and an understanding of contract language that guides our recommendations and drives the development of tools and templates that we use to develop compliant and targeted proposals. The process is rigorous but necessary to ensure success in the competitive world of contracting.


Program Management

A sound project plan and a seasoned program manager are keys to the success of any complex program. An expert program manager can plan and organize a myriad of tasks and keep a diverse group of professionals on track, taming the chaos that often accompanies multifaceted projects. 


Our professional program managers are either CAMP or PMP certified, and will work to understand your project from the ground up. They will work diligently to ensure the final product, such as task management tools, individual and team assignments, delivery schedules, and final cost and deliverables are directly in line with your expectations and established targets. If you find your project milestones being missed, your projected costs being exceeded, your deliverables not meeting your expectations, contact us today and let our professionals show the difference a great PM can make!


Research Design & Methodology

Great scientific research begins with great scientific methodology. Let our team of PhD level scientists work with you to set your project up for success. 


Here are examples of the research services we provide:

  • Conceptualization of the research question

  • Selection of the best methodology

  • Experimental design

  • Process for data collection

  • Statistical considerations and approaches

  • Prepare the presentation of results

  • Outline future research needs

Biomedical Engineering 

Our biomedical engineers have years of experience in medical research and biotechnology development. They combine a unique set of engineering skills with medical and biological sciences to analyze and design solutions used in a number of healthcare and research settings. 


Our consultants specialize in biomedical device design and biomaterials development. They have also assisted researchers and clinicians solve other critical biomedically-based problems across a range of industries. Our experts will work with your team to understand your current issues or your ideas for new products and aid in finding solutions and methods that best work for your goals.

Statistical Analysis

Our statistical consultants are experts in a variety of scientific disciplines, as well as, a wide range of analytical software. We can help you develop a statistical methodology, select the best techniques, clean your data, and complete all analyses. If you need assistance with data representation or written descriptions, our statisticians can develop the statistical analysis section of your papers and provide graphs, charts, and other material as dictated by the results.


We have experience in clinical trials, academic research studies, medical research, and applied and biomedical research in areas such as physiology, neuropsychology, human factors, cognitive psychology, organizational development, and human performance. The goals of our statistical consultants are to provide you with accurate results and to ensure you understand the method and techniques used to obtain your results. We believe that an informed client is a successful client.

Strategic Planning

A well-crafted strategic plan is a blueprint for action and an essential tool for businesses or organizations seeking to achieve sustainable growth, make changes to their organizations culture or vision, gain name recognition and market share, or expand into a new business space. Our experts work with your company every step of the way to ensure a system is put in place to operationalize a plan and engage team members at all levels.


At the end of the process, your organization will have a road map to eliminate obstacles to growth, solve problems, increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, and support the company in achieving next level performance. Our team’s goal is to assist businesses in defining their future and succeed. 

Organizational & Leadership Development

The quality of an organization’s leadership and culture have a direct effect on productivity, profitability, and workforce satisfaction and stability. One of the best ways to prevent or address these issues is to engage in regular management and leadership development.

Our organizational & leadership development experts use tools such as, MBTI, Hogan Assessment, and Center for Creative Leadership methodologies, to conduct in-depth leadership assessments to pinpoint leadership strengths and areas of improvement. We then provide one-on-one debriefs and training to help leaders incorporate essential skills to positively impact a team’s commitment and performance.


We also provide group or team evaluations that include training and actionable changes to improve group dynamics, interpersonal interactions, and team culture. Whether the teams are working in the boardroom or backroom, we have the experience to help you improve personal dynamics, leadership, effectiveness, and assist your company develop a winning culture.

Government & DOD

Novelle's founder and senior consultant, Rita Simmons, brings the unique perspective and insight of a 30-year Navy career, including 20 years of executive experience. Additionally, Novelle’s team of professional consultants have on average over 15-years’ experience in their respective fields. Some of Novelle’s experience includes work with government agencies including the DoD, CDC, and FDA. We understand how to develop white papers, government technical reports, submissions for funding, point papers, and how to interpret government directives and requests for proposals. Novelle consultants can help you decode government language and requirements and will ensure your team has an accurate plan to achieve your business goals.


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