Who We Are

Our consulting team was founded in Seattle by Rita Simmons, Ph.D. in September 2017.


Following a 30-year Navy career, with 20 years of executive experience, Dr. Simmons turned her drive for innovation and excellence into a company focused on helping businesses succeed.  

Dr. Simmons integrated her breadth of experience ranging from military operations, to the research lab, to the boardroom to create Novelle. This translated into multifaceted capabilities that can support businesses at diverse levels of development. These capabilities range from executive level support in business development to research support in the field.  

Since founding Novelle, Dr. Simmons has compiled an interdisciplinary team of high-quality professionals that are experts at identifying clients’ needs and developing solutions. 

Our Story

Who We Are

Our Team

The Novelle team consists of consultants that are leading experts in their fields, ready to provide focused and professional attention to enhance the quality of any project. 

On average, our consultants hold a master’s or doctorate degree and have 15 years’ experience in their respective fields. Some of our team experience includes business analysis and development, strategic planning, medical research and development, biomedical and cognitive research, clinical trials, pharmaceutical development, and government projects (including the DoD, CDC, and FDA), ensuring we have the skills to meet your specific business needs.

The combined expertise of our consultants allows us to develop all-inclusive strategies and identify areas for growth, opportunities for restructuring, and process improvements. Our consultants are committed to understanding your strengths and challenges and working with you to realize your potential.

Our Expertise

Our experience ranges from military operations, to the research lab, to the boardroom.  This broad experience allows us to support your team in a wide variety of settings from supporting the development of research methodologies, writing a proposal, or working with executives to develop a strategic plan.

If you are looking to craft a high performing team, increase market share and your bottom line, expand into new markets, launch a product, restructure your company, or reorganize an under-performing division, we can help make it a reality. Check out how Novelle can support you in the fields of Business, Government & DoD, and Research.

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