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Using an Independent Consulting Firm to Improve Research Quality and Outcomes

A growing number of research organizations are utilizing independent consulting firms for expert advice and services. The goal is to gain efficiency and leverage in-depth experience to maximize research quality and outcomes. Selective use of scientific consulting firms can effectively assist companies attain a variety of research services, provide cost-saving, and timely support for specialized research studies. Recent studies have shown that scientific consulting firms can enhance a project by applying niche expertise and improving budget allocation to significantly improve research success, especially in the clinical trials arena.

At Novelle, we understand that every scientific endeavor is as unique as the product it brings to market. That’s why we offer flexible, personalized solutions to address knowledge or skill gaps in your scientific team or process. In today’s fast-paced, solutions driven world in which we operate, effective time, resources, and expense management is more important than ever in order to meet competitive industry demands. Novelle’s approach to strategic project review can assist a company in identifying knowledge gaps, as well as risk mitigate. All while providing cost-effective ideas to accelerate achieving project milestones and successful completion. How we can assist your project:

  • Provide hand-picked experts, specializing in a wide variety of disciplines from biomedical engineering, to proposal writing, research design and methodology, statistical analysis, program management, medical writing and clinical trials support to enhance your team’s skills and fill technical gaps. Hiring organic assets to fill a one-time, highly specialized position often doesn’t make sense. We can provide the unique skill set for the time period needed without creating a full-time, overhead burden.

  • Provide strategic project review and planning assistance. The key to successful research is thoroughly understanding the problem and creating the right methodological approach. Our team can assist in review and planning for every stage of the project and provide insights to ensure the best outcomes possible. Our experts can also work with your team during the execution of the research to answer questions or provide guidance on issues that may arise during any phase of the project.

  • Provide flexible solutions from embedding experienced personnel into the project to create a unified approach in the creation, design, and evaluation; or we can take the lead in producing a key research component that meets your goals and expectations—you decide!

Our team of high-quality professionals can optimize your research project or clinical trial with advanced research techniques, on-site or from anywhere in the United States. Servicing government, military, academia, and industry for more than 20 years, Novelle experts are passionate about delivering the best, on-time solutions to make your research goals a reality.


Rita Simmons is the founder and lead consultant of Novelle, where she provides business and research consulting to companies across a variety of industries. Dr. Simmons leverages her drive for innovation and excellence along with her extensive executive and military experience to help business owners grow their business, drive revenue, and achieve strategic goals. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact Dr. Simmons at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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